Surgical Extractions in Laveen, AZ

Surgical Extractions in Laveen, AZ

The wisdom teeth are often the last set of permanent teeth to erupt. They are found at the back of the dental ridges and often emerge when the individual is in their late teens or early twenties. Although the wisdom teeth erupt like any other tooth in most cases, they sometimes tend to get stuck in the jawbone. Such a condition is called impacted wisdom teeth, which can lead to severe pain and complications.

What are the Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

  • Impacted teeth can lead to severe pain near the affected region, especially when you bite or chew food
  • The tooth may be inclined at an angle, which can injure both the adjoining teeth and the underlying jawbone
  • Bleeding or discharge of pus from the gums near the impacted tooth
  • Severe risk of developing infections, which further complicates the condition
  • Tooth decay
  • Inflammation of the soft gum tissues

What are the Causes of Impaction?

In most cases of impacted wisdom teeth, the cause is heredity. When an individual inherits the jawbone size from one parent and the tooth size from another, the teeth may not have enough room to erupt from the jawbone socket. This could lead to the impaction of the wisdom teeth. Some of the other causes are injuries to the jawbone, malocclusion, etc.

How is an Impacted Tooth Treated?

The approach we follow while treating such an oral condition depends on the severity of impaction. If there isn’t much pain, and the tooth has erupted almost fully, medication may suffice to treat the infection. But, in case of complete bony impaction, where a majority of the tooth is under the gum tissues, we would have to extract the tooth to keep it from damaging the adjoining tissues.

We will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth, gums, and jawbone before commencing the extraction. The tooth will be exposed from under the gums by making a small incision on it. We will grip the tooth using dental forceps and extract it in one go. In case the tooth is firmly stuck in the jawbone or inclined at an awkward angle, we will have to section the tooth into smaller fragments and extract them individually. Once the tooth is removed, we will close the wound using sutures and suggest suitable medication to treat the infection.

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