Root Canal Therapy in Laveen, AZ

Root Canal Therapy in Laveen, AZ

The root canal cavity houses the dental pulp, which comprises nerves and blood vessels. It is usually referred to as the heart of every tooth, as it is responsible for the nourishment and sensation of the tooth. When the microbes in the mouth enter the root canal cavity, it can lead to an invasive and painful infection. If left untreated, it can even lead to tooth loss.

What Causes Root Canal Infection?

The most common cause of a root canal infection is tooth decay. Cavities are caused due to the erosion of the enamel that allows oral bacteria to decay the underlying tissues of the teeth. If left untreated for too long, the cavity can grow deeper and let the microbes in the mouth enter the root canal cavity. Some of the other causes are gum disease, external trauma to the mouth, cracked or broken teeth, etc.

What are the Symptoms of Root Canal Infection?

  • The infected tooth could gradually discolor due to the decayed dental pulp within
  • Extreme pain in the mouth when you brush the teeth or chew food
  • Gum disease
  • Release of pus and bleeding from the gums near the infected tooth
  • Loosening of the infected tooth from its socket
  • Risk of the adjoining teeth and underlying jawbone getting infected as well

How is Root Canal Therapy Carried Out?

Our team of dental experts will thoroughly diagnose your oral condition when you visit us for the initial consultation. We will consider the use of medication and dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, or veneers, to restore the infected tooth. If it is infected beyond any form of treatment, we will have to perform root canal therapy to save it from being extracted.

We will make a small hole in the tooth and use dental files of varying sizes to extract the infected dental pulp. While doing so, we will also scrub the walls of the cavity to remove the adhered microbes and shape them accordingly to prevent reinfection. Further, a small amount of antibiotic medication will be placed in the cavity to ensure the microbes do not infect the pulp again. The hole will be covered using tooth-colored filling material.

After the root canal therapy, the tooth could gradually weaken due to the absence of nourishment. To prevent this, we will place a custom-fabricated ceramic crown on it. The crown holds the tooth strong and intact, thereby avoiding any damage to its structure.

We request you to schedule a consultation with our team of dental experts to get all your oral concerns addressed at the earliest. Please call us at (602) 237-7878 or reach out through online consultation, and we’ll be happy to help.


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