Dental X-Rays in Laveen, AZ

Dental X-Rays in Laveen, AZ

X-ray radiography has been used in medicine and dentistry for many decades now. It provides a reliable means to image the oral tissues, especially those not visible to the naked eye, such as the tooth roots, jawbone, etc. X-ray images allow the dentist to examine the oral concerns better and provide the necessary treatment.

Dental X-rays can be used to diagnose the following concerns in dentistry:

Jawbone Deterioration

The jawbone keeps the teeth intact by holding the tooth roots. When a natural tooth is extracted from the mouth, a small amount of jawbone will also be removed along with it. This would make the patient unable to take dental implants, as there wouldn’t be enough jawbone volume to support the implant. We use X-rays to determine the severity of jawbone deterioration and suggest a bone graft if required.

Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection occurs when the microbes in the mouth enter the root canal cavity and infect the dental pulp. This can appear as an encroachment on the root canal cavity. We use x-rays to understand how the minute canals have been affected by the infection and suggest further treatment.

Damaged Teeth

When you sustain external trauma to the mouth, the teeth may chip, crack, or break. Such oral concerns can be treated using dental restorations, such as crowns or veneers. We will use X-ray images and digital scans of the teeth as a reference while fabricating them.


Sometimes, cavities could be underlying the outer enamel, often unnoticed when viewed with the naked eye. They can have a drastic effect on the teeth, which could often lead to tooth loss. Such concerns can be spotted using dental X-rays, and suitable treatment will be provided.

Cysts and Tumors

Growth of suspicious tissues, such as cancer, cysts, tumors, or an abscess, can be spotted using X-ray technology.

The X-ray radiography equipment we use produces a negligible amount of radiation, making it highly safe to use on human tissues.

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