DIY Teeth Whitening Facts

DIY Teeth Whitening Facts

Posted by Laveen Dental Sep 13,2021

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Everyone wishes they had whiter teeth. Many people may find that DIY teeth whitening is an option. However, it is critical to understand the facts about the numerous methods for whitening your teeth at home.

We at Laveen Dental believe in providing our patients with the facts about at-home teeth whitening, therefore we've produced a list of 5 facts about the procedure. Also, if you want whiter teeth that will stay for a long time, visit Laveen Dental for the best professional treatment.

Facts About DIY Teeth Whitening

Whitening Toothpaste Can Lighten Your Teeth

To whiten teeth at home, use toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They only brighten up to two shades, so if you want your teeth lighter than that, you should see an expert. Furthermore, whitening toothpaste does not often include bleach, thus it is safe to use in your mouth.

Whitening Strips Are Also Beneficial

This simple do-it-yourself teeth whitening treatment uses strips that adapt to the shape of your teeth. You turn them on for a set amount of time and then turn them off for a few weeks. In-home teeth whitening strips are more effective than whitening toothpaste or baking soda at lightening your teeth.

Go To A Professional For The Best Results

While some at-home teeth whitening treatments are safe, they are not all. Furthermore, even the safest ones aren't as effective as having your teeth professionally whitened. If you're unsure, consult a dentist who specializes in professional teeth whitening.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

When you choose professional teeth whitening, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Long-lasting effects

Unlike other DIY regimens that produce temporary results, professional teeth-whitening produces long-term results. Teeth whitening treatments used by professionals contain more bleaching chemicals than those purchased over the counter.

Customized procedures

It is best to have a tooth whitening procedure suited to your specific needs. This is only available after a complete examination of your teeth, which includes x-rays and digital images. Professionals will perform these processes and then customize the teeth whitening to your specific needs. In this manner, you may verify that the process is neither too intense nor too weak to have no effect.

Safer oral health

The biggest disadvantage of DIY teeth whitening techniques is addressed by professional teeth whitening. It is better for your teeth and will keep your enamel intact. Your enamel is the layer of your teeth that protects them from sensitivity.

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