Benefits of Opting for Composite Dental Fillings

Benefits of Opting for Composite Dental Fillings

Posted by LAVEEN DENTAL Feb 19,2023

Composite Fillings in Laveen, AZ

A dental filling is a restorative procedure used to repair a decayed tooth. The procedure involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and then replacing it with a material such as composite resin. Composite dental fillings are tooth-colored and are used to restore decayed teeth. Composite fillings in Laveen, AZ, offer several benefits over traditional metal fillings. So why wait? Contact our dentist in Laveen, AZ, today about the advantages of composite fillings for your next dental procedure at Laveen Dental!

The Process of Getting Composite Fillings in Laveen, AZ

If you're considering composite dental fillings, understanding the process is key. Our dentist in Laveen, AZ, will numb the area to ensure you feel no discomfort during the procedure. Then, they'll remove any decay present in the tooth before thoroughly cleaning it.

Next, a bonding agent will be applied to help the composite material adhere securely to your tooth structure. The composite resin will then be carefully layered and shaped to match your natural tooth contours seamlessly.

Once the filling is in place, a special light will be used to harden and set it firmly. This step ensures durability and strength for everyday use. The dentist in Laveen, AZ, will polish the filling for a smooth finish that blends beautifully with your smile.

Opting for composite fillings in Laveen, AZ, can provide not only functional but also aesthetic benefits for maintaining excellent oral health.

Benefits of Composite Fillings in Laveen, AZ

Here are some of the benefits:

Minimally Invasive Procedure

When you have tooth decay, the dentist will use a composite filling to repair and preserve your tooth. Unlike other procedures, composite fillings in Laveen, AZ, require only one appointment. The procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed in a short amount of time with little discomfort for the patient. Additionally, the filling is tooth-colored and blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. Without even noticing it, the filling will be practically invisible in your mouth. This restores not only the appearance of your smile but also your oral health.

Less Tooth Structure Removal

With composite fillings in Laveen, AZ, less of your tooth’s structure is affected for placement than amalgam fillings are. They are also more likely to last longer than amalgam.

Additionally, a composite filling bonds to your tooth more effectively than its silver counterpart does. This improves your chances of keeping more of your natural tooth intact. This is important because the more enamel you have on your teeth, the less sensitive they will be to changes in temperature.

It’s also important to note that both the placement of a composite filling and the removal of an amalgam one involves the use of a tooth-colored material instead of metal. Because of this, the application of either type of filling doesn’t stand out or leave a visible mark on your smile the way a silver filling in would. 

Stain Resistant Material

Composite resin fillings are, therefore, a great option for filling cavities and replacing old, unsightly metal amalgam fillings. The composite resin material is the same color as your tooth enamel, so no one will even be able to tell you have had a cavity filled! Plus, the material itself is stain resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about staining around your new tooth-colored filling like you might with a silver amalgam filling.

More Natural-Looking Teeth

With composite fillings in Laveen, AZ, you can restore your teeth to their natural luster and shape. Since resin can be molded and colored to match your smile, your restoration will be virtually invisible when you laugh or speak.

Although they are tooth-colored, composite fillings are not stain-resistant. That means you can still develop cavities in the areas where the fillings were placed. But overall, composite fillings can significantly improve the look of your smile.


Opting for composite dental fillings in Laveen, AZ, can offer numerous benefits compared to traditional amalgam fillings. From their natural appearance to their ability to bond directly with the tooth structure and require less removal of healthy tooth material, composite fillings are a popular choice among patients looking for both functionality and aesthetics in their dental work. By choosing composite fillings, you can enjoy not only a healthier smile but also long-term durability and peace of mind, knowing you made a wise investment in your oral health.

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