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When significant dental stains saturate your tooth enamel you can be left with an unappealing smile. While retail tooth whitening products might be tempting, they may no be effective, or they may not be a good product for you to use.

For safe and professional results, you should consider having a whitening  treatment administered by our dentist,  Dr. Abbas Nejad . This professional tooth whitening process can safely restore your naturally white smile. Once this is done, you will need to make conscious effort to maintain your white tooth new look. You should limit your consumption of dark foods, and if drink coffee, tea, or cola, you should use a straw.

Should you notice minor dental stains on the surfaces of your teeth you might try occasionally using whitening toothpaste. Just make sure that the brand has earned the American Dental Association’s approval. This logo can only be printed on the packaging of a product has been tested and researched for safe and effective oral use.

If you live in the Laveen, Arizona, area and you have significant dental stains on your teeth,call 602-237-7878 to schedule an appointment  at Abbas Nejad DDS.