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Have you ever wanted to improve your smile during as a young adult? Given the amount of oral health hazards you are likely to be bombarded with during the life cycle of the teen years, it’s important to emphasize the desire to craft a healthy smile. Listed below is the teenage guide to optimum oral health:

– As a teen, the wisdom teeth grow in, which can effortlessly attract decay, infection, and malocclusions when they are erupting above the gum line.
– Smoking is a bad habit that often first arises during the teen years. Smoking should be avoided as it can lead to serious oral ailments including tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.
– The use of drugs can have disturbing consequences on the health of a teen, including their oral health.
– As a teen, one of the most frequent oral accidents occurs due to participating in contact sports while not using the appropriate safety equipment.
– Several health risks linked with mouth jewelry, a popular teen habit, include infections, disease, chipped and fractured teeth, and serious choking hazards.

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