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Is your diet often putting your teeth at risk? If you are eating unhealthy foods or are not routinely consuming enamel-building minerals, your teeth can slowly begin to wear down over time. Furthermore, many substances you consume could also be leading to severe tooth hazards. In addition, you can help protect your smile by eliminating habits from your life in which you are using your teeth in ways they are not designed.

Some ways that you help your smile avoid tooth hazards include:

– Avoid sugary foods, including sports drinks, fruit drinks, and soda. Sugar can be easily converted into harmful acids in your mouth and cause dental erosion.
– Be aware that sticky and chewy sweets, such as gummy candies, can stick to your teeth and linger in your mouth long after consumption. This will keep sugar and acids in contact with your tooth enamel longer, which can cause tooth decay.
– Never use your teeth to open any products, including bottle caps or plastic packaging. Doing so can easily damage your smile.
– Limit the amount of starches you eat. Like sugar, starches are easily converted into bacteria and acids that can eat away at your tooth enamel.
– Avoid constantly snacking throughout the day, as it can cause an increased risk of tooth decay.

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