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Sometimes even a seemingly small cavity can penetrate deep into a tooth. As the tooth decay continues to advance it can allow oral bacteria to gain increased access to the pulp and root of the tooth.

As the problem continues to develop you will likely experience increased sensitivity and discomfort in the tooth. This could also be related to gradually worsening toothache pain. Without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Abbas Nejad the bacteria could start to cause a buildup of infected fluid in the underlying gums.

This can cause worsening pain, pressure or severe discomfort in the local gums tissues. In many of these cases, these symptoms are an early sign of a developing dental abscess.

As the pocket of infection swells within the nearby gums it can potentially start to threaten the roots of multiple teeth. Without urgent treatment, the dangerous bacteria could potentially pass into your bloodstream.

Dr. Abbas Nejad can sometimes treat a patient with a small dental abscess by draining the fluid and providing you with prescription antibiotics. This treatment plan might also include a root canal to address any compromised dental structure.  

If a dental abscess is large he might need to excise the infected tissues and extract the compromised tooth. Dr. Abbas Nejad will then suture your gums and provide you with the appropriate prescriptions. In time he can help you choose the dental restoration that’s right for you.

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